Building & Construction

Plastic profiles are the best choice.

The benefits of plastic, convince in many application areas of the construction industry. Greiner Extrusion is offering tooling and machinery for the profile and panel manufacture. We understand your extrusion and your final product. Define your requirements, we develop the solution.

Cable ducts & conduits

Cable ducts & conduits are being deployed in order to avoid costly and laborious flush-mounted installations and due to optical reasons. Greiner Extrusion provides you with tooling and machinery for profile extrusion, according to your demand.


WPC decking are being more and more applied in the interior and exterior area of houses. Besides solutions for hollow-chamber and solid profiles, Greiner offers know-how and equipment for foamed profiles. For a minimum of material consumption and high quality product solution.

Airing profiles

Airing profiles in different areas of construction are ensuring the needed respiration of the substance. We understand your requirements and provide you with solutions for faster set up and earlier production start.


Plastics facades are characterised by high durability due to weather-resistance, easy cleaning and UV stability. Greiner Extrusion is manufacturing tooling and machines for the profile and panel extrusion.

Housing profiles

Plastics walls are part of various types of buildings and buildings-components. Depending on the application, different sizes are used. Greiner Extrusion provides you with your custom-made solution for big-size panels and profiles.

Isolation profiles

When it comes to energy-efficient constructions and thermal protection, insulation plays the leading role. Plastics is the right material.Greiner is providing you with solutions from simple profile cross-sections to complex requirements.

Rain Gutters

An essential daily challenge in the construction industry represents safeguarding buildings from environmental influences. Rain gutters made of plastics are established worldwide. Greiner provides you with the right equipment.

Garage doors

Garage doors made of plastics panels promise durability, levity and safety. We have experience with solutions from XXS to XXL profiles using different plastics in the extrusion.


The enormous advantage of a plastic fence is its low maintenance including colour resistance. Greiner Extrusion has longstanding experience in the production of tooling and machinery for profiles and panels in that segment.

Electrical profiles

In order to conduct electrical energy controllably into the desired pathways, different plastics insulations and profiles for indoor and outoor use. Greiner is developing your solution for the extrusion of your products in this field.


Design as well as the construction material are fundamental for the safety and stability of marinas. We are enabled to offer you interesting technical solutions and material competences to create more reliability and safety for marinas.

Seawall panels

Plastic seawall panels are a permanent and cost efficient solution the bank revetment. Produce durable, maintenance-free and easy to handle profiles - by tooling and machinery of Greiner Extrusion.

XXL profiles

Profiles with extraordinary big dimensions are placing high demands on tooling, machinery and materials. Let us know about your requirements in the extrusion of XXL profiles - we offer the matching solution!

WPC profiles

Ranging from flooring and decking to door frames – due to the good price/performance ratio WPC attracts the attention of lots of areas. Greiner has an extensive experience and developed technologies for numerous WPC applications.

Foamed Profiles

Greiner Extrusion is an expert in the field of physical and chemical foaming of profiles and panels. The main areas of use are products like skirting boards, ceiling panels, wall panels, window sills with and without co- extrusion application.

Special Applications

You are looking for an application which is not being listed here? Contact us and profit from our comprehensive experience from more than 4,200 installed extrusion lines and 25,000 delivered tools.

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