Extrusion 4.0

The future is digital.


Controls profile sections fully automatic.

With FLOW.MATIC - the further development of FLOW.CONTROL - the functional dimensions of profile sections can now be ensured automatically and permanently within seconds.
FLOW.MATIC is based on the proven FLOW.CONTROL technology. The temperature and thus the melt flow is controlled directly in the die by heating or cooling. FLOW.MATIC now measures the filling le-vel of the individual profile sections and together with the die function FLOW.CONTROL it builds up a fully automatic control loop. The reaction takes place visibly within a few seconds. This results in constant profile measurements even when process fluctuations occur and between quality control cycles - without any manual intervention. The settings can be reproduced at any time.

Your Benefits:

  • fully automatic control of the profile sections
  • production close to the lowest profile weight tolerance
  • minimized material input
  • precise profile sections without manual action
  • assured reproducibility


Savings due to material savings and lower scrap rate: 
FLOW.CONTROL: ~ 27.000 € p.a.
FLOW.MATIC: ~ 48.000 € p.a. (considering personnel costs)
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output


On the path to digitization

Control your extrusion processes.

Digitization and networking open up countless new pos-sibilities for extrusion operations with great potential. Greiner Extrusion has been actively shaping this trend right from the start.

With the PLC unit of RED.LINE, the energy saving system GESS.tronic or FLOW.CONTROL all production data can be monitored, controlled and reproduced. FLOW.CONTROL also keeps product dimensions at the lowest tolerance limits, accelerates the start-up process and achieves significant material savings. With FLOW.MATIC, the further development of FLOW.CONTROL, the filling level of profile sections can (as described above) be automatically controlled to the desired level despite different process fluctuations (material, preparation, extruder,...).

RED.LINE digital

Looking into the near future.

The RED.LINE of Greiner Extrusion will in future be equipped with a digital interface to all line components such as the haul-off, tooling, extruder up to the customer's MES system (Manufacturing Execution System). Sensor data is used to extend the information systems to create a virtual image of the real process. Haul-off speed, lengths, contact pressure, temperatures, fillgrade, profile weight, external geometries, water pressure and flow rates, vacuums, motor loads etc. are then recorded digitally. They form the basis for auto-mated control loops, warnings or maintenance instructions.

Customized solutions

Keeping You Ahead in Extrusion.

We are pleased to jointly develop your digital solution - according to your requirments. With 6 pilot plants and 15 permanently available extrusion lines on 3 continents, as well as one of the largest research and development centers in the entire industry, joint digitization and automation projects can be realized individually, highly professionally, efficiently and worldwide.