Extrusion Experts

With a deep understanding of the today's extrusion process as well as the world of plastics profiles in many applications we are a competent partner in extrusion – with high expertise in realizing the best extrusion solutions.

R&D Center

Keeping You Ahead in Extrusion.

In the field of profile extrusion customer requirements are getting more diverse and more transient. The focus is on individualization, flexibility through modular construction, digitalization, automatization, cost reduction and pace. Greiner Extrusion is doing research on new technologies, materials and manufacturing processes in order to be one step ahead in the product development. 

This results in optimized toolings, systems and plants in order to lower the total costs and improve the profile quality. At common network meetings we assemble all of our project partners at one table. Only thus an optimized tailor-made solution can be generated.

Profile Design

We understand extrusion of today.

In order to develop the ideal extrusion equipment a deep understanding of extrusion products as well as systems is needed. Only thus customer requirements can be optimally implemented.

In the field of profile development specific requirements for tools, machines and plants emerge. In the foreground are profiles and their performance in the respective application. Only the one who can master the profile as such can develop the aligned manufacturing equipment. Greiner Extrusion has a deep understanding and know-how in manifold applications.

Simulations and calculations

Analyses simulate profile quality.

In simulations and calculations of profile parameters, the performance in accordance with the extrusion equipment can be analysed in an early stage. Necessary adjustments can be made promptly.

Examples from paramters are structural mechanics (profile deformation, sealing simulation, …), thermal calculations (profile cooling simulation, …), flow simulation, analytical calculations, FEM-simulations.

Competence in Materials

The raw-material is part of a consistant solution.

Our competency in raw materials is part of your overall solution. The raw material is an essential factor and plays a critical role in whether the overall solution will be successful or not. Together with the customer and reputable suppliers of raw material, Greiner Extrusion develops formulations perfectly suited to the customer's particular application. 

Our range is multifaceted and includes competency in materials and processes for PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PC, PMMA, WPC, glass-fibre reinforced compounds and more – and of course also for use in co-extrusion with innovative material combinations and recycled material.

Greiner Technicians speaking your language

We understand today’s extrusion.

Since 1977, Greiner Extrusion is working on tomorrow’s solutions for extrusion. The Greiner tuning experts have long years extrusion process experience. Paired with a deep understanding of profile applications high profile quality and higher profile production speeds are assured.

Our technicians not only understand you technically, but also speak 12 languages. This makes sure, that we can communicate to you directly – without any barriers. Better results for the technical realization are guaranteed.

We can communicate with you in the following languages: 
German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croatian,Turkish, Russian, Chinese.

Tool-design experts

Ahead in experience.

With an outstanding expertise, the Greiner Tool-design experts ensure a precise tooling design, faster tuning and shorter time to market.

In close cooperation and in line with the customers need, tooling for individual demands are manufactured. Our experts are also available for a broad range of services to get the best tooling performance.


Maintaining the lead in extrusion. Sustainably.

Our broad service-range for your extrusion ensures, that all options for increasing your performance in extrusion are exhausted. With innovative solutions and services you are saving material, you are prolonging your net operation time, you are further improving profile quality and you are lowering your profile cost/meter.

The service packages include consulting, preventive maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance service, tuning, replacement of wear parts and operating materials and maintenance work.

Tailor-made solutions

Every extrusion is unique.

The demands for extrusion equipment differ from application to application, from customer to customer or from country to country. Together with you, Greiner Extrusion experts are developing your tailor-made solution.

Due to various options for upgrades or additional features to increase productivity and profile performance, exceptional concepts are sustainably implemented. With Greiner you lower your profile cost/meter and score with higher profile quality.

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