Flat & Round

Source of precision.

Film, sheet, pipes, tubes and hoses- the basis for extrusion in the application field of flat & round with regards to tools, machines and components. Use the experience of the Greiner production network for your individual solutions. We offer the highest level of precision for all quality levels. 

Pipes & Tubes

Please contact our partner SIMPLAS S.p.A., a leading suppliers of tooling for plastic film and sheet extrusion, coating and adhesive application: SIMPLAS S.p.A.

If you are interested in metal-finished tooling components according to your construction drawing, please contact our doughter company GPN GmbH - Excellence in Manufacturing


Greiner Extrusion is your full-range supplier for your hose extrusion tooling and machinery. The high precision in manufacturing enables you to find the proper performance for your efficient and smooth production process.

Film & Sheet

GPN - Greiner Production Network, our doughter company, is producing metal-finished solutions at the highest quality standards according to your construction.
Contact  GPN GmbH - Excellence in Manufacturing.

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