Simplas offers larger capacities in Europe and Asia

10. April 2019

The Italian SIMPLAS SpA offers larger capacities in the production and service of dies for film and sheet extrusion. In addition to the Italian production site the tool manufacturing facilities of Greiner Extrusion in Austria, the Czech Republic and China are used as platforms. The bundling of the strengths of both companies and the networking of the locations strengthen flexibility and enable attractive delivery times.

NEW: RED.CUT disc cutter for wide, flat profiles

21. March 2019
Highly precise and chipless cut - without noise, without dust! The latest cutter technology from Greiner Extrusion makes it possible to cut wide, flat profiles particularly cleanly and quietly. An electrically driven slicing knife is used, which cuts the profiles in analogy to a pizza cutter - non-cutting and with the highest precision. The new disc cutter is available in two versions and cuts either transversely or longitudinally to the extrusion direction.

With FLOW.MATIC towards digital extrusion

29. November 2018

With FLOW.MATIC the functional dimensions of profile sections can now be ensured automatically and permanently within seconds. FLOW.MATIC is based on the proven FLOW.CONTROL technology and together with it FLOW.MATIC builds up a fully automatic control loop. The reaction takes place visibly within a few seconds. This results in constant profile measurements - without any manual intervention. The settings can be reproduced at any time.

Extrusion 4.0 - The future is digital

25. September 2018

"Industrie 4.0" - the fourth industrial revolution - will also be an issue in profile extrusion. The extrusion process will largely handle itself and intelligent systems will optimize the processes in real time. With Greiner systems, you can already regulate many parameters and the RED.LINE for example will in future be equipped with a digital interface to all line components. Let's start together your individual way to your digital extrusion!

New division - Solutions for film & sheet extrusion

07. August 2018
In June 2018 Greiner Extrusion Group sealed the cooperation with the Italian Simplas in the area of tooling for film and sheet extrusion by acquisition of a holding in Simplas. Simplas has been a leader in the field of tools for the plastic film and sheet industry for over 50 years. The clients of both companies benefit from significantly larger production capacities, rapid on-site support and comprehensive tool services at eleven locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

THE PROFILERS – The latest edition of our customer magazin

19. July 2018

Digitization and networking open up countless new possibilities for extrusion operations with great potential. Greiner Extrusion Group has been actively shaping this trend right from the start. Ultimately, however, Industry 4.0 must also deliver measurable added value – for even greater advance for your extrusion. Because also in terms of digitization, our maxim is: "KEEPING YOU AHEAD IN EXTRUSION."

Extrusion 4.0 – FLOW.MATIC controls profile sections fully automatic

09. July 2018

Can you ensure your functional dimensions within seconds? Are your start-up times too long? Do you use aids to reproduce the profile geometry? Do you know about the problem of material fluctuations? Greiner Extrusion Group offers the solution. Actively control your profile sections with FLOW.CONTROL – and new: Fully automatic with FLOW.CONTROL! This results in constant profile dimensions and production near the lowest profile weight tolerance.

Greiner Extrusion Group acquires minority holding in Italian Simplas

12. June 2018

Greiner Extrusion Group and the Italian Simplas are now working together in the area of tooling for film and sheet extrusion. Greiner Extrusion Group at the same time acquires a minority holding in Simplas. The clients of both companies will benefit from significantly larger production capacities, rapid on-site support and comprehensive tool services at eleven locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

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