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New division - Solutions for film & sheet extrusion

07. August 2018
In June 2018 Greiner Extrusion Group sealed the cooperation with the Italian Simplas in the area of tooling for film and sheet extrusion by acquisition of a holding in Simplas. Simplas has been a leader in the field of tools for the plastic film and sheet industry for over 50 years. The clients of both companies benefit from significantly larger production capacities, rapid on-site support and comprehensive tool services at eleven locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

THE PROFILERS – The latest edition of our customer magazin

19. July 2018

Digitization and networking open up countless new possibilities for extrusion operations with great potential. Greiner Extrusion Group has been actively shaping this trend right from the start. Ultimately, however, Industry 4.0 must also deliver measurable added value – for even greater advance for your extrusion. Because also in terms of digitization, our maxim is: "KEEPING YOU AHEAD IN EXTRUSION."

Extrusion 4.0 – FLOW.MATIC controls profile sections fully automatic

09. July 2018

Can you ensure your functional dimensions within seconds? Are your start-up times too long? Do you use aids to reproduce the profile geometry? Do you know about the problem of material fluctuations? Greiner Extrusion Group offers the solution. Actively control your profile sections with FLOW.CONTROL – and new: Fully automatic with FLOW.CONTROL! This results in constant profile dimensions and production near the lowest profile weight tolerance.

Greiner Extrusion Group acquires minority holding in Italian Simplas

12. June 2018

Greiner Extrusion Group and the Italian Simplas are now working together in the area of tooling for film and sheet extrusion. Greiner Extrusion Group at the same time acquires a minority holding in Simplas. The clients of both companies will benefit from significantly larger production capacities, rapid on-site support and comprehensive tool services at eleven locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Girls rock metal technology

10. June 2018
Girls have been a part of the technical apprentice team at Greiner Extrusion Group since the 1990s. At present, almost 20 % of apprentices in metal technology are female. You will receive excellent training at Greiner Extrusion Group – in both technical and personal areas. Girls with a passion for technology enrich the entire company. And: All four apprentices have completed the current vocational school year with excellent results!

Success at Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg

26. March 2018

Greiner Extrusion Group is looking back to a very successful FENSTERBAU FRONTALE in Nuremberg, the world-leading exhibition for windows, doors and facades. The product range reflects the worldwide innovations in windows, doors and facades. Every two years, architects, carpenters, window and facade manufacturers, and the specialist trade update on the latest profile systems, machines, installations and many more.

NEW co-extrusion technology LAYER.COEX plus

22. March 2018

Due to the possible use of a high percentage of mixed ground material, the latest co-extrusion technology LAYER.COEX plus from Greiner Extrusion Group guarantees highest cost savings in profile extrusion. Compared to mono-extrusion with PVC virgin material the savings are 18%! In addition, LAYER.COEX plus provides a maximum of profile processing reliability.


"Shaping the Future" - PVC Australia 2018

13. March 2018

The two-day PVC Conference organised by the Vinyl Council of Australia brought together the Australian PVC value creation chain in Sydney from 13 to 15 March 2018. This event was supported by Greiner Extrusion, Krauss-Maffei and Plasmec and presented an overview of the expanded market opportunities for PVC windows, the latest developments in PVC compounding as well as machinery and processing technologies.

PROFILE.RAISER revolutionizes the start-up process

09. February 2018

With the PROFILE.RAISER, Greiner Extrusion Group presents a new system that automatically guides profiles to the correct entry position on the haul-off during start-up and at the same time closes a safety gap in the profile extrusion industry. The manual raising of profiles into the haul-off is history – the twisting with muscle power and manually inserting pieces of wood between the profile and the haul-off now belong to the past.

Greiner: 150 years

15. January 2018
Greiner Extrusion Group is part of the Greiner Goup. The Greiner Group is one of the leading companies in the plastic and foam industry. In 2018 Greiner Group celebrates its 150th anniversary. Diversification, innovation and globalization characterize the success of the Group. Greiner is active in the packaging, furniture and automotive industries, in the medical technology and life science sectors, as well as in profile extrusion.

Greiner Extrusion Group at PLASTIMAGEN in Mexico

29. November 2017

The PLASTIMAGEN in Mexico City is one of the most important plastics trade fairs in Latin America. This year, it took place for the 21st time. Greiner Extrusion Group was also there and presented its innovations to a specialist audience.

Plastics Technology Mexico, a renowened plastics journal, has already reported. Please see the link in the report.


THE PROFILERS – The latest edition of our customer magazin

20. November 2017

Industry 4.0 is also finding its way into the extrusion process. Digitisation and interconnectivity open up countless new possibilities for extrusion plants, with great potential. Greiner Extrusion Group has been actively shaping this trend from the start. Already today, we offer you many possibilities for automating your extrusion. For more information see our latest edition of "THE PROFILERS".

20 Extrusion tools for the Salamander Group

17. November 2017

In cooperation with the company tta – Tool Tech Austria GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the Salamander Group – the Greiner Extrusion Group was able to deliver more than 20 extrusion tools in Brest, Belarus within a period of 10 months. The SIP subsidiary coordinated the activities between the Greiner Extrusion Group and the SIP's extrusion plant in Belarus.

Greiner Extrusion Lines for CSR’s AFS Rediwall® System

16. November 2017

CSR Limited is a leading building products manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. CSR have recently further invested in their AFS Rediwall® PVC product with the Greiner Extrusion Group being appointed to deliver extrusion lines with inline-punching as well as extrusion tooling. AFS Rediwall® is a PVC-based permanent formwork system for concrete walls.

Greiner Extrusion Group at FAKUMA, 17th-21st October

25. October 2017

Greiner Extrusion Group has presented the latest innovation to the professional public at FAKUMA, the worldwide leading fair for industrial plastics processing. Greiner extrusion systems are a synonym for profile extrusion all over the world. With Greiner extrusion equipment, a maximum of precision in geometric dimensions as well as significant material and energy savings can be achieved.

35 Air support controls for VEKA

10. October 2017

The latest delivery of 35 Greiner Air support controls to VEKA AG in Sendenhorst shows that innovations of the Greiner Extrusion Group are well received. Support air controls ensure a fully monitored, quantity-controlled internal chamber ventilation during production. The supplied air flow ensures the geometry of inner chambers while avoiding rejects.

FLOW.CONTROL for the new PRIMO swimming pool cover

08. October 2017

The new swimming pool cover from PRIMO, made of PVC and polycarbonate, imposes high functional and design requirements. For the rolling cover profiles to interleave smoothly, they must provide exact dimensional accuracy. FLOW-CONTROL ensures such accuracy by controlling the relevant profile sections.

Youth meets experience

02. October 2017

Long-term employees are our success guarantee, and give their know-how to the younger generation in a targeted way. In the year 2017, 11 new apprentices started at locations in Nußbach in the apprenticeships of metal engineering toolmaking, construction toolmaking and office purchasing. Four out of five girls are trained in technical professions.

Innovation and sustainability in plastic profile extrusion

23. September 2017
Greiner Extrusion Group accepted AMI's invitation to present a lecture on "Innovation and Sustainability in Plastics Profile Extrusion" at the "Profiles 2017" international conference, which was held on 19–20 September 2017 in Cologne.

NEW: SILVER.TOOLING - The ideal solution for the extrusion of smaller-sized profiles

17. July 2017

SILVER.TOOLING has specifically been designed to meet the requirements in extrusion of smaller-sized profiles, such as glazing beads, connectors, interlocks, rods, technical profiles and many more.

Best adhesion for your gaskets with RED.PCE plus

23. June 2017

Post-co-extrusion has for many years been the most efficient solution for the extrusion of window gaskets directly in the production process. With RED.PCE plus, the Greiner Extrusion Group offers its customers a new technology with many benefits.

Greiner Extruder for Foamed profiles

12. May 2017

The Greiner Extrusion Group has developed a foam extruder for the production of WPC profiles with core that is foamed in-line. The foamed core of WPC profiles not only saves considerable material, but also boasts many positive product properties.

Save energy with Greiner systems

02. May 2017

A large part of the energy needed in profile extrusion can be attributed to the operation of vacuum pumps in the calibration table. The Greiner Extrusion Group offers needs-based control of these pumps and energy-saving systems for every need.

Services for tooling and machines from all manufacturers

28. April 2017

From standard spare-parts to custom-made items, we keep your equipment up and running and help promptly in the case of machine stoppages. We also offer you numerous solutions to improve the performance of your line.

PVC Conference - 27.04.2017

27. April 2017

Christian Nistelberger – Regional Sales Director of Greiner Extrusion GmbH – presented news and innovations of Greiner Extrusion Group at the PVC conference in Brighton. Topic of this conference was the PVC profile extrusion market. There were many changes in the last years.

Celebrating 500 tools

15. March 2017

aluplast and Greiner Extrusion have been partners in developing solutions for profile extrusion for almost four decades. Recently, they celebrated their 500th extrusion tool that has been successfully commissioned.

SOLID.COOLING - Extend your net production time

02. March 2017

With the innovative calibration technology SOLID.COOLING we can avoid small cross section cooling channels due to integrated thermal conductivity and related cooling effect. You profit from significantly reduced cleaning and maintenance effort.

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