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Extrusion 4.0 - The future is digital

"Industry 4.0" - the fourth industrial revolution - is on today’s focus and will also be an issue in profile extrusion. The extrusion process will largely handle itself, intelligent systems will monitor, control, opti-mize and communicate with themselves in real time. Ultimately, however, Industry 4.0 must also deliver measurable added value.

At Greiner Extrusion Group, digitization is, therefore, not for the sake of digitization, but to provide you with even better solutions for your individual requirements based on our 40 years of experience and by using the most suitable digital technology available. Measurable in the form of higher quality profiles, increased productivity, lower production and profile costs for an even greater lead in extrusion. Because also in terms of digitization, our maxim is: "KEEPING YOU AHEAD IN EXTRUSION."

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