NEW Co-extrusion technology LAYER.COEX plus

LAYER.COEX plus: savings of 18% compared to mono-extrusion

Due to the possible use of a high percentage of mixed ground material, the latest co-extrusion technology LAYER.COEX plus from Greiner Extrusion Group guarantees highest cost savings in profile extrusion. Compared to mono-extrusion with PVC virgin material the savings are 18%! In addition, LAYER.COEX plus provides a maximum  of profile processing reliability.

Maximum profile processing reliability when processing the profiles with a high proportion of mixed ground material

  • 55 – 65 % core material content
  • Thick layer technology
    cover coat up to 75 % of the profile wall thickness
  • Core material optionally from main- or co-extruder
  • Use of mixed regrind possible

Layer for layer to high-tech profile

Co-extrusion has found its way into many profile applications. Intelligent Greiner solutions with innovative material distribution enable the use of recycled materials and guarantee the highest profile quality. With co-extrusion, demanding requirements can be optimally fulfilled both commercially and technically.


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