Extrusion Process Consulting

Optimization for your extrusion process.

PVC profile manufacturers compete constantly with high production prices and increasing competitor quality. In order to stand out from the competition, production quality, scrap rates, plant efficiency and much more play an increasingly important role. With our extensive know how on the subject of profile extrusion, we aim to actively support and work together with you in order to optimize your production process.

  1. Target defnition

  2. Data analyses

  3. Cause analyses

  4. Solution approach

  5. Implementation

Do you have optimization requirements and seek support with the successful implementation of changes?

By fully integrating with your employees, we can support you in the definition of objectives and accompany the process of data collection and cause analysis. With the knowledge gained, we strive to work with you in developing suitable solutions and, if desired, accompany the implementation of your project throughout.

Production process

  • Extruder and tooling shutdown
  • Tooling removal
  • Toolsetting
  • Extruder and tooling start-up
  • Production first-off
  • Quality control (Production)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Documentation

Quality control

  • Standards in Extrusion
  • Surface finish and profile function
  • Physical testing of profiles
  • Measures for tolerance violations
  • Production first-off
  • Test documents and forms
  • Material testing
  • Customer complaints

Tooling maintenance

  • Profile and tooling analysis
  • Cause and action identification
  • Repair procedures
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Machine park
  • Production planning and preparation
  • Spare-parts management

Extruder and downstream maintenance

  • Line availability
  • Maintenance planning
  • Machinery condition
  • Repair procedures
  • Spare-parts management

Line and tooling efficiency

  • Production capacity
  • Production speeds
  • Scrap levels and fault identification
  • Profile weight
  • Down time frequencies
  • Recycling
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