Superior profile quality.
Lowest production cost.

With the Greiner RED.LINE machine system you can achieve higher productivity, utmost process reliability and energy savings. It is optimally tuned to the RED.TOOLING system.The innovative and modular RED.LINE machine system uses a PLC unit with a touch panel and the tried-and-true Greiner Energy Saving System – GESS.tronic. In addition, due to the significantly improved handling of the RED.CAL and RED.COM modules the highest-possible savings in terms of energy and water consumption are achieved. By using FLOW.CONTROL and FLOW.MATIC the functional dimensions can be assured within seconds and additional significant materials can be guaranteed. The RED.LINE machine systems are also designed as dual-strand constructions and are compatible with the Greiner product portfolio.


Your Benefits

  • Utmost process reliability
  • Maximum energy and water saving
  • Centrally-operating data logging using a PLC unit
  • Improved handling

RED.LINE basic

Focussing on the essentials.
Reliable. Saving. Upgradable.

The RED.LINE basic extends Greiner Extrusion’s product portfolio in the machinery sector. The basic difference between the two machine systems RED.LINE and RED.LINE basic is their control system. The RED.LINE basic downstream has a contactor control unit and the RED.LINE is equipped with a PLC unit, a touch panel, and the tried-andtested Greiner Energy Saving System, GESS.tronic.


Made to professionally handle large profile extrusion, panels and special applications.

Both machine systems, RED.LINE and RED.LINE basic, are also manufactured as a wide calibration table design (up to 1000mm). The increased process reliability that is based on tried-and-true components and the flexibility due to the modular system also allow for the double-strand construction. Constant vacuum and ergonomic operator panels allow for improved handling and easier, faster maintenance.


GESS.tronic Vacuum Water Energy Management

Saves up to 90% energy

  • reduces vacuum fluctuations to the technical minimum
  • prevents vacuum shocks and thus prevents profile surface defects
  • requency controlled cyclones provide a continuously stable vacuum and ensure consistently high profile quality
  • halves the level of noise

Savings: ~ 100,000 kWh p. a.
With GESS.tronic you save up to 50% more energy compared to other european systems.
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output


Cost reduction by digitally integrated profile weighing

In extrusion, the greatest effect on profile cost is achieved by reducing material use. Greiner Extrusion's newly developed profile stacking end-component - the RED.SCALE with digitally integrated profile weighing - enables a significant reduction in material use and profile costs. The quick and precise weighing, together with the permanent display of the current profile weight, makes possible very quick and targeted interventions in the event of profile weight deviations during production. Thanks to the seamless data recording, profile weight development trends can also be called up on the monitor at any time. Greiner's RED.SCALE is additionally equipped with an LED strip. This is lit in green as long the current profile weight is within the desired tolerance range. If the value is above or below this range, the LED strip lights up in orange.

Your benefits:

  • precise in-line profile weighing
  • permanent real-time display of the actual profile weight
  • seamless data recording
  • Display of trends in weight development on the RED.SCALE
    monitor as well as at the RED.LINE controls.
  • enables quick intervention into the process
  • yields significant material use reduction
  • automatic stacking into good and bad products

Closed water circuit - patented system

efficient use of cooling water. Prevention of scratches

  • reduces cooling water circulation by 50%
  • more efficient use of the cooling water
  • reduces the required capacity of the cooling units
  • avoids contamination of the water at the calibration table
  • central cooling water connection reduces errors and setup time
  • prevents scratches and increases the quality of the profile surface

Savings: ~ 50 % water circulation
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

Calibration table RED.CAL

Cyclone technology with suction power 320m³/h and automatic filter cleaning

Cyclone technology with suction power 320m³/h

  • avoids wetness and residual moisture on profile surfaces
  • creates a completely dry profile surface for foiling and post co-extrusion
  • improves the adhesion of the gaskets in post co-extrusion
  • avoids the ingress of moisture and corrosion in the downstream haul-off controls the water suction for
  • continuously stable calibration

Fully automatic filter cleaning

  • solves the problem of machine downtime for filter cleaning
  • mesh width of 50μm eliminates even the smallest impurities 
  • ensures optimal water flow even in small cooling boreholes, prevents scratches on the profile caused by dirty water
  • less downtime for filter cleaning

Savings: 200 hrs/year and line
Sample window frame: 1.2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1.2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

Cutter RED.CUT

Highest cutting quality even with large profile cross sections.

  • one blade for profile width up to 235 mm and variable cutting speeds for maximum flexibility
  • rapid tool-less blade changing
  • controlled blade heating for reproducible cutting quality
  • chipless cutting saves ~ 1 profile rod (6m) per 1,500 cuttings (~ 30 hrs) *)
  • NEW: RED.CUT C/300 for profiles W 300 mm, H 200 mm
  • savings due to chipless cuttings

Savings: around 200 hrs/year and line 
Sample window frame: 1.2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1.2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

Haul-Off RED.PUL

Wider pads and longer contact length

  • prevent the pads from tipping over and avoid pad imprints on the profile
  • rapid tool-less change 
  • halve the setup time 
  • gentle hauling off of the profiles without affecting the profile geometry
  • longer cleaning cycles for the pads due to longer contact length

Savings: ~ 30 mins. per setpup process 
Sample window frame: 1.2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1.2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

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