Best adhesion of your gaskets.


For many years PCE has offered the most efficient solutions in terms of extrusion of window gaskets directly during the production process. 


  • Multiple use of the PCE dies for different profile geometries
  • Clear improvement in terms of handling and operation
  • Significant reduction of start-up time
  • Multi-adjustable and robust
  • Compatible with existing PCE dies 
  • RED.PCE plus: Faster set-up times, no need for expensive air heater spare parts

Better quality

  • Exact positioning to the profile with repeatable accuracy
  • Geometry adjustment is possible, if required
  • Dry profiles
  • Optimum adhesion 
  • Decreased thermal influence on the carrier profile 
  • RED.PCE plus: Optimum adhesion properties, only minimal thermal influence on the carrier profile (PVC hard)


  • RED.PCE plus: Lower energy consumption 400 W instead of 1,600 W for profile pre-heating

Greiner product video RED.PCE & RED.PCE plus

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