Superior profile quality.
Lowest production cost.

Tooling for highest demands.

Since 1977 Greiner Extrusion stands for top quality, competence and innovation. As the world-wide leader in tooling systems for plastic window profile extrusion.

RED.TOOLING meets the highest demands in profile extrusion and is setting new standards with its unique features like heater cage and central plug, post dry calibrator, roller templates or options like FLOW.CONTROL, supporting air control, roller tuner, Keep.Clean Unit.


Your Benefits

  • Superior surface quality
  • Utmost material saving
  • Higher energy and water saving
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer life time
  • Highest process stability

Tank-plate rollers

Highest surface quality and prolonged life span.

The roller templates improve the surface quality, resulting in up to 80% fewer scratches on the profile. No additional wire EDM is nevessary, which allows for faster reaction times and decreased downtime.

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of rejects due to score-free profile surface
  • No wire eroding for postprocessing
  • Rapid reaction time and short down times

Savings: ~ 5,500 € p. a.
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

Optional: roller tuner

Roller-changing device for easy re-working of rollers on conventional milling machines.


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Use of wear resistant special components and precision parts of Greiner extrusion.

Sustainable increase of tooling life time.

  • Exact reproducibility of tooling components
  • Precise positioning of spare and wear parts

Installation or retrofitting of GET.CARBIDE, GET.LOCK, GET.SET in your tooling.


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