Spare & wear parts for your profile extrusion

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We offer a comprehensive range of services for spare parts and wear parts for your

By digitally storing your tooling and machine spare parts data of the last few years, we have been able to simplify and speed up our entire spare parts management. You benefit from quick and professional technical clarification and from the shortest possible procurement time for your spare parts in profile extrusion.

The fast track to spare parts:

Toolings spare parts catalogue
Machine spare parts catalogue

Toolings customer support:

T +43 50541-41618
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Machine customer support:

T +43 50541-41112
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Wear parts packages

for Greiner tooling systems.

In order to increase your production capacity, it is vital to have important wear parts in stock. Take advantage of our defined packages with minimum quantities of the wear parts you need most in profile extrusion.

Wear parts packages:

Wear parts package for RED.TOOLING
Wear parts package for POWER.TOOLING and MPT.TOOLING
Wear parts package for RTX

Individual machine spare parts packages

Use our know-how to your advantage.

We offer customised spare parts packages for ongoing maintenance. In order to create your ideal package, we recommend that our technicians perform an appraisal.

The fast track to spare parts: 

Machine spare parts catalogue

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