Software solutions

For more productivity

Based on decades of experience in extrusion we have developed a set of innovative software solutions for efficient management of your extrusion processes. Convince yourself from our solutions!

GetU Software - Error-handling in production

Our GetU software is a digital direct aid for troubleshooting in production. It simplifies the complex relationships between errors and causes. GetU is the compact, expandable knowledge base for problems in the extrusion environment. It is also ideal for training. GetU is editable and the program can be expanded with your personal experience at any time.

Your Benefits

  • Unique training software for profile extrusion
  • On-site access allows advanced troubleshooting
  • Illustration of the complex relationships between problems and their causes
  • Compact, expandable knowledge base for problems within profile extrusion
  • Standardisation of extrusion terms
  • Multiple error analysis

DigiOm - Digital documentation of tooling optimization

DigiOM is an AutoCAD application developed by Greiner which records the individual optimization steps on the tool in digital form. The maintenance measures are thus standardized over the entire service life of the tool and documented completely digitally. The simple operation allows for minimum training time and comfortable handling.

Shadow evaluation of profiles

In most companies, visible “shadows” on the profile surfaces of extruded profiles are subjectively assessed. The assessment of whether the profiles produced are approved or rejects varies from examiner to examiner. Take advantage of our objective shadow measurement and bring objectivity into your production!

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