Technical Profiles

Your solution.

Technical profiles made out of plastics are being found in the most diverse application areas. The Greiner Extrusion experts manufacture your tools and machines which perfectly fulfill your requirements. From XXS to XXL profiles- profit from our long-standing experience.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards made of plastics are getting more and more common and meet high demands on design aesthetics and innovation. Different materials, in particular foamed variations, determine the Greiner solution offer in this application segment.

Cover profiles

Greiner Extrusion is manufacturing tooling and machines for different application areas of cover profiles. Technology as well as material diversity enable your tailor-made solution for your cover boards.


In the field of interior construction and furniture manufacture edgebands have high quality requirements regarding the profile surface. Greiner Extrusion offers extrusion solutions for ideal manufacturing conditions and process stability.

Connection profiles

For joining single components seamlessly precise geometries in the field of extrusion must be given. Tooling and machinery from Greiner Extrusion enable you precise manufacture processes, which result in cost saving and a higher profile quality.


Greiner Extrusion can offer you solutions for production of spacers for the use in various technical fields. Profit from the innovative technologies for production of these small profiles. We are keeping you ahead in extrusion.

Decorative profiles

Design, aesthetics and technology- decorative profiles persuade through perfect surfaces and precise geometries. Plastics also offers interesting advantages in the field of architecture. Greiner solutions guarantee more valuable profiles and lower profile cost.

Cable ducts & conduits

Cable ducts & conduits are being deployed in order to avoid costly and laborious flush-mounted installations and due to optical reasons. Greiner Extrusion provides you with tooling and machinery for profile extrusion, according to your demand.

Power rail profiles

Power rail profiles for lighting solutions in residential or company buildings need to meet optical as well as technical requirements. Greiner Extrusion offers you highest precision with regards to tooling design for optimized profile surfaces.

Electrical profiles

In order to conduct electrical energy controllably into the desired pathways, different plastics insulations and profiles for indoor and outoor use. Greiner is developing your solution for the extrusion of your products in this field.


Plastic profiles constitute support for luminaries and are an essential part of the optics. We can assure you more valuable profiles and lower profile costs in the field of technical profiles due to customized solutions according to your requirements.

Safety barriers

Extruded safety barriers for protecting buildings, machines or storage facilities against collision damage have to meet high requirements, like impact absorption or the neccessit of a manifold combination of materials. Try our competence in this field!

Glass-fibre reinforcements

Greiner Extrusion is the leader in the field of glass-fibre reinforcements for different application areas due to its technology and innovation. Take advantage of our knowledge and the added value for your manufacture and final products.

Special Applications

You are looking for an application which is not being listed here? Contact us and profit from our comprehensive experience from more than 4,200 installed extrusion lines and 25,000 delivered tools.

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