Adapted to your individual requirements.

Our modular training program is adapted to your individual requirements to get the most out of extrusionlines and to increase your lead in extrusion. The Greiner Extrusion Group training program covers the entireprofile extrusion area.

Line operator

The Greiner Extrusion's line operator training enables you to increase your staff's understanding and competence in line operating and tooling handling. It's your decision wether you want to have the training organized on-site or at  Greiner Extrusion.

Training content

Window systems I PVC Material (Basic) I Tooling systems I Tooling production I Machine operation (Theory) I Test-runs I Laboratory testing I Finite Elemente (Basic) I Downstream Training (Greiner Downstream) I Die-assembly/cleaning I Calibration-assembly/cleaning I Troubleshooting I GetU – Environment analysis I Tooling storage I Tooling documents.

Tooling maintenance

Increased understanding and competence for the usage and maintenance of Greiner Extrusion tooling systems is the aim of all tooling maintenance trainings. The theoretical and practical training can be hold at your company or at Greiner Extrusion. Please choose.

Training content

Tooling systems I Tooling production I Finite Elemente (Plus) I Die-assembly and cleaning I Calibrator-assembly and cleaning I DigiOM I Tool storage I Spare-parts storage and management I Machinery I Small repairs* I Milling* I Welding* I Filing* I Polishing I Tooling documents

* Toolmaking experience required.

Tooling/profile analysis

Tooling/profile analysis are also trained by Greiner Extrusion. Having a deep knowledge in analysis is one important step in the optimization of all extrusion processes. Keeping you ahead.

Training content

Sample Collection I Flow and Profile Analysis I Tooling inspection I Digi-Om I Reporting I Causes-Identification and confirmation I Rectification and Orientation.

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