Upgrades tooling

For more productivity.

With various innovations of Greiner Extrusion Group you can adapt your tooling system to your existing requirements and increase your performance significantly. We will be pleased to give you advise.


Lowest material usage. Most precise profile geometry.

With FLOW.CONTROL you can improve your production ongoingly. Through control of the melt flow, individual profile sections are decelerated or accelerated selectively with cold or hot air. This results in constant profile dimensions and production near the lowest profile weight tolerance.

Your Benefits

  • Exact profile geometries
  • Lower material costs
  • Highest repeatability
  • Faster start-up
  • Lower production costs

With FLOW.MATIC – the evolution of FLOW.CONTROL – you can now ensure constant functional dimensions of the profile sections fully automatic and within seconds.

Savings due to material savings and lower scrap rate:
FLOW.CONTROL: ~ 27.000 € p. a.
FLOW.MATIC: ~ 48.000 € p. a. (considering personnel costs )
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output




Resource-saving production.

Save new PVC material by upgrading your existing mono tool to co-extrusion. This upgrade is in most cases possible, and saves you the high investment costs for a completely new extrusion tool. We can adapt the new extrusion die to your existing calibration unit. All performance areas, thus the optimal solution for your requirements can be carried out. We offer this upgrade for all output ranges and assure you of the best solutions for your specifications.

Multi-layer co-extrusion makes it possible to meet various requirements perfectly from both an economic and a technical point of view. The Greiner systems are adapted optimally to the jointly developed formulation.


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Optimization of wall thickness

Safely produce at near the lowest profile weight tolerance.

The use of materials is the biggest cost factor in the extrusion process. The potential for reducing profile costs is accordingly high. Together with us, you define all tolerances and the lowest metre weight, and we guarantee you reduced material usage in the profile through exact adherence to the tolerance specification.


Picture: Example wall thickness tolerance +/- 0,15mm

Optimization of profile geometry

We adapt your toolings.

Are increased profile wall thicknesses causing problems in your production? Are profile dimensions out of tolerance, causing problems with functionality?

In most cases, it is possible to modify your existing extrusion tool, and thereby adjust it again to the required market or quality requirements.

The optimization of the profile geometrie significantly influences the profile cost structure.

Use this opportunity!

Air support control

Providing ventilation of inner chambers.

The supporting air control makes ventilation of the inner chamber safe. The controlled air supply secures the geometry of the inner chambers, thus avoiding scrap.

Your Benefits

  • Automatic ventilation of the inner chambers
  • Secures the geometry of the inner chambers
  • Avoiding of rejects
  • Automatic deviation signal

Savings: ~ 7,000 € p. a.
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

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Avoid deposits in the dry calibration.

KEEP.CLEAN Unit removes dirt efficiently, before potentially affecting the extrusion die.

Your Benefits

  • Prevents contamination in the vacuum slots during the first dry calibration process
  • Significantly prolongs production uptime between cleaning processes
  • Available for existing tooling systems as a retrofitting option at a reasonable price

You can achive about a 25 % longer net production time / year (depending on the formulation, output, number of tool replacements, etc.


Download folder RED.TOOLING


No contamination of cooling channels.

SOLID.COOLING is an innovative calibrator technology from Greiner Extrusion Group. Specific sections of the calibrator elements can be made from a special alloy of highest thermal conductivity improving the cooling effect. Optionally SOLID.COOLING can be integrated in the RED.TOOLING system and thus further enhances its performance.

Your Benefits

  • Prolonged net production time
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Less sensitive to process fluctuations
  • Less monitoring requirements
  • Increased process stability
  • Reduced production and profile costs

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Surface treatment for tool coating

High quality finish and tooling surface.

A properly applied surface coating can significantly increase the service life of your extrusion tools. In addition to the actual coating process, the professional pre- and post-treatment of the tool surfaces is of utmost importance. A high-quality polish quality and residue-free tool surface are crucial. Take advantage our expertise and leave the preparation for the actual coating process to us.

Tank-plate rollers

Increase your surface quality.

The roller templates improve the surface quality, resulting in up to 80% fewer scratches on the profile. No additional wire EDM is nevessary, which allows for faster reaction times and decreased downtime.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced reject units due to profile surface without scratches
  • Longer life time due to full utilization of the capabilities provided by GET.SET and GET.CARBIDE
  • Ultrasonic-resistant markings to indicate direction of installation and positioning
  • Automatic fastener with self-regulating spacing to the gasket

Optional: roller tuner

Roller-changing device for easy reworking of rollers on conventional milling machines.

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of rejects due to score-free profile surface
  • No wire eroding for postprocessing
  • Rapid reaction time and short down times

Savings: ~ 5,500 € p. a.
Example window frame: 1,2 kg/m, 5000 hrs/a production time, 1,2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output

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Upgrading of worn components

Sustainable increase of tooling life time.

By installing or retrofitting wear restistent precision components like GET.CARBIDE, GET.LOCK and GET.SET in your tooling,  you can save a long life time and precise profile geometries.


Your Benefits

  • Exact reproductibility of tooling components
  • Precise positioning of spare and wear parts

Download folder RED.TOOLING


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