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Since 1977 the Greiner Extrusion team is known for optimized solutions in the field of window and door profile extrusion. The premium segment is characterized by our global technology advance, whereas in the mid and economy segment a wide range of manifold extrusion and product requirements can be met.

Window profiles

The window the "eye to the world" and it is also an essential factor when it comes to a visual and efficient interior design. From high-tech profiles to the most simple geometries - the Greiner extrusion experts offer you the best solution for your demand.

Windows made of recycled plastics

Windows with the use of recycling material are becoming more popular. Greiner Extrusion offers you a big variation of solutions for co-extrusion. You achieve higher cost savings, a better profile quality and a stable further processing.

Window Sills

Window sills made out of plastic or plastic composite materials are considered to be nearly indestructible - for the exterior and interior areas. Greiner tooling and machinery are ensuring stability in your window sills manufacturing process.

Door profiles

WPC doors, XXL door profiles, panels for door elements, door frame profiles, insect protection door profiles, bathroom doors. Greiner Extrusion offers varied professional solutions in the field of door profile extrusion.

Lift-slide doors

Extensive door systems open up to the outside world and provide an ideal light-flooding and functional accessibility. A high profile quality and stability are crucial for the longevity. Greiner provides you with the ideal extrusion equipment.


Shutters are a popular worldwide closing mechanism. They are protecting the interior against the penetration of light, noises, the heat and the cold and offer additional burglary protection. Take advantage from the Greiner extrusion expertise.


Sealing doors and windows is an essential aspect of energy efficiency of buildings. Greiner Extrusion is offering you patented solutions for the post co-extrusion of gaskets for your advance.


Greiner Extrusion can offer you solutions for production of spacers for the use in various technical fields. Profit from the innovative technologies for production of these small profiles. We are keeping you ahead in extrusion.

Special Applications

You are looking for an application which is not being listed here? Contact us and profit from our comprehensive experience from more than 4,200 installed extrusion lines and 25,000 delivered tools.

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