Plastic extrusion tooling

Extrusion toolings to manufacture plastic profiles in all required performance levels.

We have the highest standards for your profile extrusion: Since 1977, Greiner Extrusion has stood for top quality, competence and innovation. As the world-wide leader in extrusion tooling for plastic profiles, we know that productivity, profile quality, scrap reduction and energy savings are what distinguish our toolings.


Automated. Error-free. Uncompromising.

The DIGI.TOOLING digital tooling system with its innovative functions promotes fast set-up and error-free retooling.


Superior profile quality. Low operating costs.

RED.TOOLING meets the high requirements in profile extrusion and is setting new standards.


The modular tooling system.

The MPT.TOOLING is lean and trimmed to the essentials; however, the core elements of Greiner’s high end tooling technology are still included.


High quality. Low costs.

SILVER.TOOLING was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the extrusion of smaller-sized profiles, such as glass beads, connectors, interlocks, rods, technical profiles and many more.


Productivity in a nutshell.

The sophisticated tooling solution TEC.TOOLING is specialised in the extrusion of small solid and hollow chamber profiles.


The giant among the tooling systems.

For large profiles, panels, cellular sheets and special applications with widths measuring up to 1,000 millimetres.

Solutions for film & sheet extrusion

A Simplas and Greiner cooperation.

Greiner Extrusion and Simplas are working together in the area of tooling for film and sheet extrusion.

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Tooling upgrades

For more productivity.

Adapt your tooling systems to meet current requirements by adding a number of innovations from Greiner Extrusion to significantly increase your performance. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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